ODFU x Zaeta

We are proud to introduce our latest collaboration t-shirt with the wonderful and inspiring Zaeta Motorcycles. Founded by Paolo Chaia in 2008, Zaeta is a relatively new Italian motorcycle company using a combination of performance, technology and tradition to create a dirt tracker that’s 100% Italian. And with Joonas Kylmakorpi (4 times World Champion in Speedway Long Track) racing Zaeta, they’re already making a name for themselves within the dirt track scene.

“As a stirring of the soul, Zaeta was born in the seventies when, in Valpolicella, I used to ride around a field with a cherry tree in the middle on a Piaggio Ciao moped, trying to drift the back wheel. The joy of precarious balance is a primitive one and is linked to some of the earliest challenges of youth as far back as a child’s first steps. Then, in December 2008, a meeting with Graziano Rossi (Valentino’s father) gave the project the spark of life. Graziano and I found ourselves talking about a motorcycle that didn’t exist. He spoke of a lightweight bike that could be drifted through both left and right turns and be used for training MotoGP riders. I was talking about a light, simple bike that could be ridden on the dirt or the road.” – Paolo Chiaia

Paolo pictured above with a painted Zaeta by London based artist Maxwell Paternoster. Photo by Raffaele Paolucci

Zaeta takes its name from ‘Zaeti’ (which means yellow in venetian dialect). We all hold memories close to heart that have lasting impressions and Paolo is no different. A zaeti biscuit that a fervent ex-girlfriend made him had this lasting impression, so much so it inspired the name of what would become his new motorcycle company. Further more, the first Zaeta motorcycle built was yellow and for Valentino Rossi’s father.

Before starting the project, Paolo told me he loves outsiders and free spirits, people who are able to be themselves no matter what others say. The spirit of Zaeta is all about having fun and keeping a sense of humour. And the bike?…”to break rules and conventions and make you feel free”.

The t-shirt was inspired by the Zaeta motorcycle itself and the dynamic shapes and hard lines that make up the bike. I wanted to use these shapes to create the design, so I drew the bike as a whole then deconstructed it, pulling out shapes and bike parts. So, what happens when you deconstruct Zaeta? You find something more than a bike, you find endless fun, passion, absolute madness…and of course, great people.

We hope you enjoy this t-shirt as much as we did designing it. These are limited edition (as all our t-shirts are), so be quick, they won’t last long! Click here to the shop.

All orders purchased that includes the Zaeta t-shirt will come packaged with our special ODFU x Zaeta packaging.