Engineered in England

Here is a little insight into the process of how an ODFU tee/package comes together. Filmed by the talented Nathan Walton. Enjoy.

A quick note

So the first month has passed, and what a great month it was. Never did I imagine such a great response, especially at such an early stage. The ODFU swallow is literally flying! Up to now it has made it’s way to the United States, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland and of course the UK. The feedback from everyone has been fantastic and it’s great to hear people talk about ODFU from all over the world. With that said, I … Read more

Watch this space


The main objective with ODFU was to build something more than just a clothing brand, it was to create a brand experience our customers would appreciate, and most of all, one they will remember. I will be updating the ODFU blog as much as I can to keep you all in the loop. Any news, development, ideas or experiences will be posted here as well as on Facebook and Twitter. We have some really exciting things lined up, and we do like … Read more