ODFU x The Event II

We had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the The Bike Shed crew at their The Event II in London. It was undoubtably a huge success, and with so much going on we tried are best to capture the essence of the whole weekend. Somehow we managed to condense 2 days of footage into 82 seconds of visual goodness. A big thank you goes out to The Bike Shed crew for having us…enjoy! ODFU at The Event II from … Read more

The Fox is out

OEM - Fox-8

Our good friends over at Old Empire Motorcycles have produced yet another stunning custom Royal Enfield for you to drool over. This particular build, named the ‘Fox’, is beautifully simple, yet rich in detail, a balance Alec and the boys have perfected. “The classic bullet 500 design has changed little through the many decades past from its conception. And for good reason, such a simple design that looks great, sounds great and is the perfect platform to create something special.” says Alec. “The … Read more

Ride & Explore


What a crazy and eventful month it has been! Since our trip to the KIG event in London a couple weeks ago, we’ve had such a great response, especially towards our new limited T-shirt that we had taken with us. Initially we decided to release all the new stuff we’ve been working on together as one batch, but we just couldn’t wait and released this one early! The Ride & Explore tee is limited to only 50, wrapped in the … Read more

In Bruges

Church 2

Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need. After being stuck behind my desk day and night for the past couple of months (working on the next ODFU editions and events), me and my much better half decided to take a short trip to the magical city of Bruges to clear our heads and regroup our ideas. What can I say about this wonderful Belgium city? Sometimes referred to as ‘the Venice of the North’, if … Read more



Keepin’ it Greasy is a duo of bike-related film festivals hosted by the good chaps of Garage Artists. The first festival will be held at the DC Embassy in Barcelona on 23rd March and the second at The Black Heart Bar in Camden, London on 11th May. Featuring shorts from the likes of Untitled Motorcycles, Old Empire Motorcycles, Sideburn Magazine, Fuel Motorcycles, and yes you guessed it, ODFU Clothing plus many more! We will be heading down to the London event with … Read more

Get Snappin’


We’ve received so many cool photos the past few months from our customers in their ODFU attire, that we’ve decided to do a ‘best ODFU photo competition’. One lucky winner will receive a free limited edition ODFU tee of their choice – all you need to do to enter is send in your most creative/imaginative/coolest ODFU photo to info@odfu.co.uk, post it on our Facebook wall or you can even mention us on your photo via Twitter or Instagram (search: @odfu_clothing). … Read more

Creating sparks in Indianapolis

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 16.06.37

We have been fans of Good Spark Garage for some time now. Based in Indianapolis, brothers Corey and Casey Wilkinson have put together a great site for the everyday motorcycle enthusiast. What we like about GSG and the Wilkinson bros, is that their hearts are in it for the right reason – they’re motorcyclists with a passion and that passion leads them to wonderful experiences, which they openly share and document on goodsparkgarage.com. The purpose? “To keep in the fronts of minds … Read more